Hello! We strive here to answer most of the common questions our prospective customers ask us. If you don’t find the answers to queries, please feel free to send us a mail. We would love to attend to you.

How much time is required for a Small to Medium sized business to get started with the Cloud ERP?

Based on the business modules needed, business complexity, and user distribution, you will need anywhere between 2 to 6 weeks before you go live with the ERP. If your business flows are complex and you need a high level of customizations, then this time period can double. However, the system has very simple and easy-to-use navigation and so the learning curve will be very minimal, and we could say 4 weeks of dedicated efforts, will be good enough to get a company onboard onto our Cloud ERP.

What is the cost of setting up and running the Cloud ERP?

The Cloud ERP is best deployed on a Cloud server infrastructure that can dynamically scale up as the usage grows, and so you will be able to start with very low costs. It also comes with our value-added service packs which covers (1) Initial Installation & application Setup (2) Users Training & initial techno-functional consultancy (3) Cloud Server infrastructure usage and apps maintenance combo services. So at a nominal all-inclusive monthly/annual fee, businesses get to use the Infrastructure + ERP application + assured support services. Additionally, if found necessary, you could avail of any other techno-functional services, only by paying for the actual man hours-days.

What does your implementation services cover?

Our standard Implementation services include (1) Overview training (2) Consulting to get your business requirements mapped to the system modules and functionality ( 3) Setting up the systems as per your business processes, print templates, uploading of the initial set of master data, and (4) Users Training & Handholding during initial inputting of data. If found necessary we undertake customizations to the forms and documents and offer advanced technical training to qualified IT staff. For Small to medium businesses, we offer a 2-week implementation success service pack programmed to meet all the above, at a fixed price.