$3000 p.a
$3500 p.a
$5000 p.a
$10000 p.a
Financial Accounting
Fixed Assets &
Cost centers & accounting dimensions
Purchase & Inventory
Sales & Distribution
Retail-Point of sales*
Warehousing & Auto-replenishment
Fleet management*
Maintenance management *
Human Resource
Dashboards & Reports
Value Adds:-
Workflows & E-approval
Deployment & Training
Deployment 10 hours Free
Training 15 hours Free
Support5-10 users
standard support
10-15 users
standard support
15-20 users
standard support
unlimited users
premium support
* Gold Plan allows you to opt for either one of these modules

Add ons available with all the plans

Additional Training, Onboarding Services $25 / hr
Premium support option for Silver-Bronze – Gold customers $1500 p.a
Portal Access$1800 p.a
Additional databases, POS counters, third party system interfaces may be provided based on the need

ERP IMPLEMENTATION SERVICES: Our free-of-cost 10 & 15 hours each deployment & training may satisfy Silver & Bronze customers, but the Gold and especially Platinum customers would require additional implementation services for the business modules and functions to be effectively rolled out, as mapped to their internal processes. These services are offered on a T&M basis, either remotely or on-site or as a hybrid model. Platinum customers will have the access to our API-based integration options to interface with any compatible third-party systems. However, these technical services shall attract additional fees. We also offer some additional deployment options including a private cloud or on-premise for platinum customers subject to terms and conditions.