The most obvious benefit in moving your ERP to The Cloud is costs, whether it is the startup costs or maintenance. However there are much more valuable benefits to move to The Cloud. It tremendously improves the User Experience, and make it easier to maintain, and provides unlimited freedom to scale up your operations on the go. Most of all, it brings in business continuity and provides reliability which are critical to succeed in today’s business. All cloud server installations provide for a default image back-up on daily basis. This means that not just data but the whole image of the machine is created. So in case of any disaster, you can be back online in less than 30 minutes. To implement such a feature with on premise traditional systems, it can cost a good sum and may not be feasible for the small businesses.

Cloud Computing is not new and has been around approximately two decades and we have seen some very successful software solutions like thriving purely on offering cloud based solutions e.g. the #1 CRM software company with revenue having crossed USD 12billion and Atlassian # 1 Projects Management software company whose revenue has crossed USD 1billion, each with over 150,000 customers each globally. These are just 2 out of hundreds of software companies including the leading traditional software companies including Oracle, Microsoft and SAP who used to provide on premise solutions mostly, are now mostly promoting their cloud hosted versions more. But now, it has reached its most potent levels with almost all types of applications available and reaching their optimal functional maturities.

In today’s digital age, with all our public and social communications already moved to internet almost completely, alongside commerce and shopping, banking and government services, and even further more government services including national identity services, moving your enterprises business applications completely to the cloud is just the obvious step to take. It has now become imperative to be able to adapt to this technological change, as a reaction, and to spot new or hidden opportunities.

Thanks to the advancement in cloud technologies and its fast adoption globally, today enterprises have a wide variety of niche applications to choose, whichever the industry they are in. This higher rate adoption has brought the prices for these solutions affordable too, even to a small enterprise.

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  1. Hi,
    Zedco’s ERP on Cloud is an integrated suite of ERP business modules, catering to a wide range of industries and functional areas.
    It covers Trading & Distribution, Restaurants & Food chains, Retail, Human Resource Management, Projects and Tasks Management and others.
    Our Cloud offerings makes it affordable for Enterprises to have superior digital transformation experience, at their own workplaces and to offer to their customers.
    It also provides API based interfaces for integrating with modern electronic channels for trade for e-commerce, logistics, apps based restaurant ordering and delivery, payment gateways, banking, insurance, government services and thus is future ready.
    Please feel free to call on us or email us for any details you would need, we would love to talk!

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