With Zedco CLOUD-ERP Industry Specific Business Apps,You Get Much More.


General Trading

Automation is changing paradigms in all areas of distribution & supply chain. Whether your business carries a large, diverse catalog of products or you specialize in supporting a select few large customers with unique products, you need a modern system like ZEDCO ERP that helps you deliver quicker, safer, and built on proven technology. 



Whether you are a Supermarket, convenience store, grocery, or hypermarket, You need flexible software to track your sales and inventory. Zedco Retail provides improved inventory turnaround, auto-replenishment, and easy stock reconciliation. You can also manage promotions, loyalty programs, discounts & prices, and sell more.


FMCG Distribution

For the Fast Moving Consumer Goods distribution business, it can be overwhelming to stock & deliver the right product mix, optimize performance and spur growth.   ZEDCO CLOUD-ERP empowers you to effectively manage Purchasing, Warehousing, Logistics, Stock Control & Traceability, Credit Control, Financial Accounting & Business Intelligence.



For manufacturers, ZEDCO CLOUD-ERP brings to you the capability to provide accurate costing, handle complex bills of materials, end-to-end supply chain visibility, cater to your unique scheduling needs, provide actionable traceability, and comes with integrated quality management capabilities. 



The packaging industry with its increased spotlight on environmental impact could be going through daunting times today, but still exiting. ZEDCO ERP can boost your operational efficiency and help you tackle changing regulations, quickly respond to market trends & evolving customer demand.



ZEDCO ERP’s computerized maintenance management system plans, tracks, measures and optimizes all forms of maintenance programs centrally. It helps in maintaining operational efficiency and keeping your assets in optimum running order. It helps you maintain your SLAs for your Planned maintenance & repairs.

To achieve quick ROI from your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) project, it’s important to choose a technology partner with deep experience in delivering results, consistently in your particular industry. When it comes to business management software, one size does not fit all. 

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